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Version for Android 2.0-2.3.7 . NO ROOT needed!
* The fastest VPN on the market – Do not lose your connection speed.
* Bypass restrictions, Use VOIP, Make your web connection secure and anonymous.
* Reduce your traffic expenditures up to 80%.
* Get access to blocked or restricted websites.IMPORTANT: If you problems with connection in some mobile networks, you should use manual settings
If you have problems installing VIATUN, please contact We can’t support via review comments, so please e-mail us prior leaving bad comments.
We are working hard to serve you.
Free trial - 3 days or 1GB
SAVE ON TRAFFIC up to 80%. To maintain your connection speed we are using optimization and compression software. Fast browsing, check your savings on your personal page.
INTERNET SECURITY & PRIVACY: hide your IP, avoid spam and phishing, be protected.
BYPASS RESTRICTIONS: get access to blocked and banned web sites.
SERVERS: USA, Germany, Netherlands
Visit for more details.
If you are not satisfied with your mobile internet speed, if you want to cut your mobile internet traffic bills, if you want a total internet traffic anonymizing experience, a VIATUN account is the best way to get all of those - just download the VIATUN application!
***Hide your real IP with VIATUN VPN.
***Enjoy secured web surfing (encrypted connection) with VIATUN VPN!
***Enjoy the fastest VPN on the market as well as anti-virus protection from our VPN servers.
***Anti-virus protection of your device (smartphone) by VIATUN VPN.
***No traffic limits on VPN servers
- Access to blocked or restricted websites.
- Access to Skype and other VOIP blocked in your area.
- Access to blocked websites in corporate and other networks even behind restrictive firewalls.
- Hiding your real IP to make your web surfing anonymous.
- Security and anonymity with a secure encrypted connection between your device and Internet.
- Protection of your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection via public hotspots.
- Securing your device from external attacks by our servers’ firewall.
You do not need any special anti-virus application to be downloaded (avast! Mobile Security, Dr. Web, Antivirus Free, Lookout Security & Antivirus, NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus, Zoner AntiVirus Free, McAfee Antivirus & Security), which could affect the performance of your device.
Double your data plan!
Save (even in roaming) while running ALL web applications you use in your mobile (ICQ, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Internet, opera web browser, opera mini web browser) with VIATUN VPN.
Keep all your expenditures under the control with VIATUN VPN
Even unlimited data plans are capped and metered, improve your data plan for less money.
Enjoy the fastet VPN on the market and compare the performance with our competitors (yesvpn, droidvpn, data usage monitor, hotspot shield VPN, onavo, tiger VPN, 5 VPN, VPN one click, vpntraffic-one, SpeedUp, strong vpn, 1 vpn, my data manager, URL Info - Save Traffic!, Hideman VPN, express VPN, data enabler, yes vpn, data counter, other apps, etc.) in following countries:
Europe: UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Romania, etc.
America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Latinoamerica, etc.
Asia: India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Philippines,Hong Kong,Vietnam,Israel,Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, China, etc.
Data monitor, data watch in your app or on your personal page on our web site. Free VPN for trial period, no limits, no restrictions, privacy, anonymity, bypassing.
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Viatun Software Inc.

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